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Unshackling IPL from cricket

First posted on CRI on 11 June 2011 The news and analysis cycle over the past few weeks has been negative and depressing. In as much as it concerns me as an Indian citizen, it also depresses me a bit. … Continue reading

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Baba Ramdev – A Few Thoughts

First published on CRI on 4th June 2011 (morning), before the shameful attack by the Delhi Police on the protestors at the Ramleela Ground. I had earlier written a piece on Anna Hazare (Why “Anna Hazare” is out of sync … Continue reading

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The coming Global Jihad after Osama’s death

First published on CRI on 2nd May 2011. Republishing on this blog. A lot of people are in a self-congratulatory mood after the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, near Islamabad. I am sure that Champagne has been popped … Continue reading

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Pakistan and the fruit of hate-mongering

First posted on CRI. As many of us studied in school, the Bible says that the wages of sin is death. What the Bible does not say is the origin of sin? Without getting too philosophical and simply stated, the … Continue reading

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Why Anna Hazare is out of sync with Lakhpat Karore

The title of my blogpost is tongue-in-cheek, so kindly excuse me for that. It always helps to start with a smile, especially, if we are not going to end with one! For the uninitiated with colloquial “indianisms”, a bit of … Continue reading

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The Impending Af-Pak Fak-Ap

Trust the Americans to come up with interesting and unique acronyms and short-forms (almost naughtily tongue-in-cheek). So when the late Richard Holbrooke had to be declared the point person for Afghanistan and Pakistan, they created the term “Af-Pak” (I really … Continue reading

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Wikileaks Full Throttle, the cash-for-votes saga continues

The demolition job Wikileaks has triggered off globally, and also within India, continues unabated. Anarchist, thy name is Assange, and god bless you! The latest Wikileaks revelation over the cash-for-votes scandal of 2008 has hit the already scam-weary Congress as … Continue reading

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