Wikileaks Full Throttle, the cash-for-votes saga continues

The demolition job Wikileaks has triggered off globally, and also within India, continues unabated. Anarchist, thy name is Assange, and god bless you!

The latest Wikileaks revelation over the cash-for-votes scandal of 2008 has hit the already scam-weary Congress as a sledgehammer! Under normal circumstances, the run of “bad luck” that UPA2 seems to be having would even have been funny, except that it isn’t, because India is paying a terrible price on a daily basis for the governance slide. This government has to go, and go today!

This latest revelation probably allows one to draw three broad conclusions, as given below, each more scary than the other:

  1. Indian voters don’t give a damn about subjugation of democratic institutions (which is what emboldens the Congress to brazen its way out, from each of these scandals)
  2. The Congress has figured out a fool-proof way to rig the EVM machines and the election results don’t reflect the will of the people (if we are to discount the 1st premise above)
  3. The US is getting too deeply entrenched in the Indian political process, behind the scenes, and the risk of Congress top honchos being blackmailed to compromise on national interests can no longer be denied

Let’s explore each one of these separately.

I. Indian voters don’t give a damn about subjugation of democratic institutions

The list of examples of the subjugation of democratic institutions in this country by the Congress party is long, and hence bears no repetition here, except of course confirming that the CVC fiasco was only the latest. Almost no institution has been left untainted but this viciously virulent “Congress-ka-haath”. What boggles my mind is the way in which the Congress bounced back both in 2004 and 2009 elections.

The Indian people saw under the full-glare of TV cameras, the cash-for-votes scandal in 2008. Everyone wrote about how a “particular” channel, which was later revealed to be IBN, had recorded the alleged meeting, and the telephone calls between Amar Singh and Ahmed Patel, if not others also. The channel later back-stabbed the BJP and refused to telecast the footage, and of course BJP naively did not even ensure that it kept a copy with itself. Anyone who believes the cynical protests of the channel that they did not telecast it because of “journalistic ethics” against sting operations, is an idiot, as the channel had no compunctions in airing private moments of Swami Nithyanand, when it suited their objective to defame Hindu religious leaders (but that’s a different story and lets leave it for now). The channel did later on air a watered down and heavily edited version of the recording, a copy of  which they also submitted to the JPC, but that was of course an eye-wash!

The fact that the Congress bribed its way through to save its government (which had earlier also been done by PVNR to save his government, by bribing the JMM MPs), is well known to the voters of India. Some had even justified it at that time, either because they supported the civil nuclear deal with the US, or did not want to force LS elections on the nation at that point in time. A much larger number of voters supported the Congress in 2009 and also gave them more seats than 2004, hence bolstering its arrogance further, convincing the Congress that it can get away with anything.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that large numbers of Indian voters do not give a damn if a political party is subverting democratic institutions, as long as they can get their political label right, on “caste or communal/secular” lines!

This is a very dangerous premise for the future of Indian democracy. What guarantee is there that voters will not also discount this monumental corruption that the Congress has inflicted upon the nation under CWG, 2G, Black Money, etc. I guess we will know soon enough, once the upcoming state election results are out, but I am extremely worried. If Congress wins again, we can rest assured that they will then go ballistic with their “loot of the nation”, as like the PM said earlier in the week, by voting for them the voters have absolved them of the crime (cash-for-votes scandal)! What a fraudulent statement if there ever was one!

But hold on, am I being too harsh on the Indian voter?

II. The Congress has figured out a fool-proof way to rig the EVM machines and the election results don’t reflect the will of the people

If the above premise is not true, that Indian voters don’t give a damn about corruption and degeneration of political institutions, then one can draw an even more dangerous and scary conclusion. Is it possible that the Congress, has been able to succesfully subvert the will of the people, in collusion with the Election Commission (which has for long been packed with Congress sympathisers, who are paid back for this support after they retire, e.g. M S Gill, and you can expect something for Navin Chawla soon).

There were many issues that came out during the 2009 LS elections on the potential of the EVMs having been rigged. This was again largely ignored by the mainstream media, but the issue did get out into the public domain, and there are examples galore, including the case of several contiguous constituencies in Rajasthan where the victory margin of the Congress candidate over BJP was almost exactly the same! The government of course tried to shoot the messenger by arresting the scientist who tried to prove that the EVMs can be rigged. If DMK sweeps in TN in the upcoming elections, we will again get proof that the system has been fatally compromised. The month-long waiting period between the last phase of polling and the counting day (ostensibly because of Bengal elections) shows that the stage has been set to allow large scale electronic “rigging” (no wonder Laloo Prasad Yadav is out of a job now).

Since I can’t believe that Indian voters are either blind or can discount Congress’ long list of sins of omission and commission, I am tempted to believe that the system has been compromised on an unimaginable scale!

III. The US is getting too deeply entrenched in the Indian political process, but behind the scenes, and the risk of Congress top honchos being blackmailed to compromise on national interests can no longer be denied

During Indira Gandhi’s time, the “foreign hand” was always presented as the proverbial “smoking gun” for all of India’s problems. Blame the Americans and the CIA for rigging everything in India. All rationalists used to laugh at it during those days, refusing to believe that this was possible.

However, if one reads the Mithrokin archives, and if one believes the story that the Nehru-Gandhi family has been for long receiving moneys from the Soviet Union (from the time of Nehru) to run the Congress party, then one wonders why wouldn’t they accept money from the US also. More dangerously, if they were accepting money, were these governments not asking for any favours in return? One wonders what national interests were compromised over the last 60 years at the behest of foreign powers, by this despicable party and dynasty! More so, have these governments been blackmailing this family for keeping its “secrets” like Nehru’s involvement in Netaji’s incarceration in Siberia, etc.

Keeping this background in mind, I feel extremely violated as an Indian, when the Wikileaks cables show the inordinate interest that the US is taking in Indian political processes. Lobbying to get the nuclear deal passed is a legitimate part of “diplomatic” activities, and I have no moral issues about it. But does this include, getting access to information about how the government intends to save itself by bribing MPs? Seeing the cash? Did they contribute in terms of cash also? Who knows?

No government anywhere in the world has categorically denied that what the Wikileaks cables say as incorrect, or forgeries! They say it is unethical to bring into the public domain, puts the lives of US soldiers in danger, etc., etc., but no one has said that these cables have been fabricated! So why would a US embassy staffer fabricate false stories about the Congress and send it to his government in Washington, in the off-chance or hope that these cables could get leaked. What would they stand to gain? Obviously we have to conclude that these cables are genuine.

If they are genuine, then forget about Congress being corrupt (which we anyway know), the thought that worries me the most is what kind of anti-national activities are they able to get this government to do for them in return. How likely are they to do all that they can to prevent the BJP from coming to power (Strobe Talbot had mentioned in his book that the US was taken aback by the aggressive pro-India and nationalist stance that BJP took in negotiations, and were frankly appreciative of it also, and noted that this was a first for India).

I am not an alarmist and definitely not a “US-hater”, despite the fact that many of things that they do are anti-India. I even grudgingly appreciate them, as they only think about their own long-term national interests and nothing else. My unhappiness is that India doesn’t!

The biggest fear that I have is that with this kind of a government in place, which is either beholden to the US, or even being blackmailed for the secrets that they harbour (remember Rahul Gandhi was arrested at Boston Airport with USD 200,000, let off during Vajpayee’s time, and can be re-arrested if he enters the US again – why don’t we ask Rahul Baba if he will come along for a visit to the US), what is the price that the country is paying? We don’t even know!

This government has to go, and has to go now!

I would rather bear the cost of a mid-term election, to the cost of this government continuing in power for even one more day! I don’t care what kind of an establishment comes in its place, because whatever it is, it will be better than this government!

Eva Peron had once sung “Don’t cry for me Argentina”!

Mother India is now crying out to its children to stop crying for her, and do something to save her!

Are we listening?

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4 Responses to Wikileaks Full Throttle, the cash-for-votes saga continues

  1. Jiggs says:

    What irks me, is the people asking absolutely stupid questions of the BJP. Typical ones, what did they do when they where in power? what difference will they make if we elect them?

    You have the BJP ruled state governments as an example, you the vision documents of the party for each state assembly elections, from which Congress copies all ideas and yet people want to ask such questions is beyond me?

    When I retort by saying 5 years is not enough time to clean up the mess of 60 years, they realize their stupidity and jump on to the so called “communal” agenda.

    IMO, we Indians love to spin talk, we expect our opinion as superior to anybody else.

    • Thanks my friend. I think that the best people to convince voters of the “difference” between Congrss and BJP are its CMs. Even if you leave aside NaMo, who is in a class of his own, even Raman Singh, Ramesh Pokhriyal, Prem Kumar Dhumal, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Yeddy (despite his quirks) and increasingly Arjun Munda. Even Nitish Kumar is an NDA CM. Nothing more needs to be said.

      BJP is the primary reason why people are talking about developmental politics, and even Maya has finally realized that she needs to do some good work.

      Having said that, our job is just to bring information out, as teh media will not. Then hope for teh best adn let people decide.

      Thanks for interacting.

  2. Sid says:

    While I like your writing style, I would question your “Rahul Gandhi” caught in Boston story.

    Do you have any reference to this?

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