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Wikileaks Full Throttle, the cash-for-votes saga continues

The demolition job Wikileaks has triggered off globally, and also within India, continues unabated. Anarchist, thy name is Assange, and god bless you! The latest Wikileaks revelation over the cash-for-votes scandal of 2008 has hit the already scam-weary Congress as … Continue reading

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BJP’s Dashapratigyam – 10 promises BJP needs to make to the people of India

I was just thinking the other day about the original three promises of governance made in India, i.e. Roti, Kapada aur Makaan (loved the movie by Manoj Kumar on this also) but it was more to show broken promises, than … Continue reading

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Indian version of primaries to select the BJP PM candidate

Well, one can always trust the Indian media to fish in troubled waters if it can help the Congress and malign the BJP. Therefore, just when Congress’ cup of woes is brimming over, it has triggered off this debate on … Continue reading

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The problem I have with the Congress

There are many well-meaninged and educated people in India who just happen to be Congress supporters by default, many of whom are even first time voters. Most of the younger voters of this country haven’t personally experienced the ills of … Continue reading

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