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White Man’s Burden – Worshipping False Gods and saving the Environment

(Part I of a two-part series) (The title of this article, and the article itself, both are provocative and politically incorrect, and are so by design. If you have hyper-sensitivities, the time to stop reading this article is now. Please … Continue reading

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Ground-rules for Seat Distribution in Coalitions

Now that the Bihar elections are over and quite a lot of the “election analysis” too, I was just wondering to myself as to how would their election performance effect the relative dynamics between the JD(U) and BJP in the … Continue reading

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#Barkhagate – Why @bdutt just doesn’t get it

Ever since Open magazine, and then Outlook, broke the story about the taped conversations of Niira Radia with a host of personalities, including Barkha Dutt (of NDTV) and Vir Sanghvi (columnist at large, but I guess aligned with Hindustan Times), … Continue reading

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Structural reforms in Union Cabinet

One of the biggest failures of the Union Government of independent India, has been its inability to give the country a small and manageable Council of Ministers, both at the Centre and the States. India did start off with a … Continue reading

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Creation of smaller states

India has an amazing ability of doing all the “right” things in absolutely the “wrong” way! The way in which the Home Minister, P Chidambaram, exactly one year back, had handled the ‘near-granting’ of the creation of the state of … Continue reading

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A fairer UNSC!

Everyone agrees that the present structure of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is unfair and unrepresentative, as essentially the victors of the 2nd World War co-opted themselves on to the world’s most exclusive and powerful club. Resultantly, Germany and … Continue reading

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Electoral reforms in India

 The recent Karnataka crisis (and the earlier one in Jharkhand) has brought to the fore the crying need for drastic reforms in the Indian electoral process. The founding fathers would have been shocked and aghast at the vulnerability of elected … Continue reading

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